Stories and traditions get shared. They get passed down. When I think about the ones that have been passed down to me, a few favourites come from my two grandmothers – who I was lucky enough to have into my mid-twenties.

My Grandma (my Dad’s Mother) lived with our family while we were growing up. My siblings and I were so lucky to spend so much time with her over the years, and you can imagine the stories we heard and the ones we created with her by our side. A favourite story that came from my Gram is the one she told us of how she met my Grandfather during the war, at a Dance in England. She described it as a love at first sight scenario where they spotted each other from across the room. It’s one that you feel like you’ve heard about or seen in movies, and one I didn’t even believe when she initially shared it. She wasn’t one to willingly divulge too much about her past, but I’m so happy we were able to pry this one out of her.

A favourite tradition without a doubt came from my Granny (my Mom’s Mother). Although we lived a few provinces away, my family got to spend our whole summers staying at Granny’s and living the East Coast life my mom grew up in. Since my siblings and I didn’t always get to spend our birthday’s with Granny, she’d make sure to keep our gift for when we finally saw her in person. We always received some money to put towards a gift of our choosing, but she would never give us a card. Instead we got a Loonie. Rather than spending that extra dollar on a card we might throw out, Granny thought that money should go in our pocket. As a younger kiddo that coin was such an exciting bonus, but as we got older the tradition continued and I just loved it. So much. I can still remember her searching through her purse for the looney she’d hand over with the bill, as the gift was never complete without it. It was something so small that she did without fail over the years, but one of my fondest traditions I remember about our time with her.

When I try and describe this Collection to others, I best explain it by reference to these incredible ladies. These are the two people I wish I could have started this project with years ago. I’d ask more questions, seek out more stories and pick their brains about all they could remember about their lives as a whole. I’d want to see their faces sitting in my studio, and hear their voices tell tales of the past instead of the memories that just bounce around my head. I didn’t get the chance to have their stories documented on film, but there’s definitely still time to document yours.

When you book your session, you’ll have the option of a discounted rate when a donation is made to two causes that are close to my heart - In honour of Gram + Granny.